10 Superfoods for Weight Loss

Happy woman showing how much weight she lostIt’s that time of year—bathing suit season! Not one of us (if we’re honest) is immune to “bathing suit anxiety.” You know. The feeling you get when you try your bathing suit on for the first time all year.

I want to make that first reveal a little less stressful. There is a plethora of books and articles telling us what not to eat to lose weight. Like you read in my last month’s newsletter, I’m all about adding the good stuff before subtracting (not that we shouldn’t subtract, but first things first).

These superfoods are nutritional powerhouses that will help you build bones, supercharge your immune system and get you bathing suit ready.


There are several studies that show that eating a handful of almonds before each meal, helps you eat less and lose weight. This is because almonds contain satisfying, healthy fats and fiber.


Avocados are a fatty food that helps you melt fat. They are full of the right fats—mostly monounsaturates. They are also packed with fiber, phytonutrients and protein that help you slim down.


Newly arrived on the scene, this is my favorite sweetener. It is a great, natural substitute for white sugar. Coconut palm sugar has a low GI (Glycemic Index; doesn’t raise blood sugar substantially) which means less of the fattening hormone, Insulin.


Add a half of grapefruit before every meal and even if you changed nothing else about your diet, you my lost up to a pound a week.

Insulin is well known as a fat storage hormone a compound in grapefruit is known to lower insulin which leads to weight loss.


Berries are rich in nutrients, low in calories, high in fiber, and very low GI. What more can I say?


You may think I’ve lost my nutritional mind on this one. My sensibilities are in tact because this kind of beef is not what is primarily in our grocery stores—it is different than commercially processed beef.
Grass fed beef has none of the bad (antibiotics, steroids and chemicals) and much more of the good than commercial beef. Grass fed contains up to 20 times more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which is helpful for weight loss. It also contains more good fats and less of the bad ones. Protein is important for weight loss and grass fed beef reigns supreme.


Well known for its cancer preventing powers, broccoli also contains a lot of filling fiber and is low in calories.


Kale possesses the highest antioxidant rating of any vegetable and contains sulforaphane, a nutrient that assists the liver to detoxify toxins. Kale is rich in potent cancer fighting substances called indoles, and brimming with bone-building vitamin K (as or more important as calcium—look for my upcoming article).


If you think you don’t like sardines, have you tried the new ways they are packaged? I love the ones packed in spicy mustard. Sardines are inexpensive and loaded with protein and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Because they are so small and low on the food chain, they’re remarkably free of chemical contaminants (primarily mercury and PCB’s).


Fiber is a secret weight loss weapon that many of us forget. They are found in so many of our superfoods and beans hold the fiber awards—12 to 17 grams per cup! Fiber slows blood sugar spikes, normalizes bowel movements and aids in weight loss. Beans have a high protein content as well.

Start adding these weight loss super stars. Your health will soar, and you will not be singing the bathing suit blues.


  1. Posted on May 27, 2014 at 6:17 pm by Michele Wimmers

    Thanks for the list! I love just about everything on it, and have in the past been told to avoid some for the very same reason. Too high in Fat! Love my Avocados and Almonds!