Patient Reviews

“I have fought the battle of the bulge my entire life. Even my baby pictures bring to mind Sister Shubert’s yeast rolls. My true struggle with weight became serious in my twenties. I bounced between the 190-220lbs as I partied through those years.

As thirty approached, the pounds seemed to harder to lose and even harder to keep off. I tried hitting the gym with obsessive regularity, which you can imagine didn’t last. I tried diet after diet; the Adkins diet, Weight Watchers–you name it. I even used prescription diet pills. Did I lose weight – oh yes, but I always gained back what I lost and then some.

As I approached 40 I weighed 290 lbs and was desperate for help. I heard about the lap band and decided on this procedure. By this time in my life, I had developed high blood pressure and lipid levels and I was pre diabetic. I quickly signed up for the surgery that I thought would be the end of my war with the scales–boy was I wrong! I lost weight and for first couple of years I hovered around 230 lbs. Unfortunately, I was able to out-eat the band and the pounds came creeping back. To add insult to injury, the band caused an esophageal stricture and I developed a wicked case of reflux.

What now?!?! All the previous issues came back and I needed to have the band removed in order to avoid esophageal cancer. Back to a surgeon…who suggested that I might want to look into the Gastric Sleeve procedure– a procedure which reduces your stomach to a tiny pouch. Eureka! I quickly signed up.

The sleeve surgery almost proved to be my demise. I developed a bleed post op which nearly killed me. I was taken back to the OR to fix the bleed and had several transfusions before started the my long recovery. I lost weight, but when I started eating whatever I gained the weight back for what seemed like the 100th time.

My wife was completely exasperated and lucky for me, when she makes her mind to change something, she wont quit. She recruited the help of our primary care provider, Jeremy Pepper, who referred me to Lindy Ford. I have to admit, Mel had to stay on me to make sure I made the appointment – she even emailed Lindy herself.

I went to the appointment with Lindy and I haven’t looked back. She helped me set realistic expectations for myself and my health. Lindy was firm but encouraging and I needed that. I have lost weight and inches and feel better than I have years. I am not on a diet, but follow a nutrition plan tailored to my health issues as well as foods that I will eat. After spending much of my life in what truly felt like fight, I am no longer at war with my body, but working to become a healthier version of me. Thank YOU Lindy!”

- Jody D.

“My energy is amazing and I no longer crave sugar. The biggest tool in my success was working with Lindy. I couldn’t have done this well with picking up a book or listening to the poor advice my family doctor offered me: “Your A1-C is high and you are pre-diabetic. Eat more veggies and lean meat,” is what I heard. When I went to my doctor about my weight gain, I was offered appetite suppressants (which made me ill). It was just a quick fix and absolutely nothing was said about nutrition.

Lindy asked for a lot of bloodwork which revealed inflammation, hashimotos thyroiditis, high A1C (a diabetes marker) and low Vitamin D. I needed help with my immune system. I caught every bug that passed and was sick of being sick. I was tired all the time no matter how much sleep I got, was on an anti-depressant and had brain fog that was enough for me to think I was coming down with dementia. I’m 51 and honestly thought this was just apart of turning over into the next century.

Lindy evaluated my blood work, redirected my eating, suggested supplements and asked me to trust her. When I started to see results, I knew I was on the right track. I tried everything before with no results. I feel amazing– honestly better than I did at 40. I’m losing weight weekly, my last blood work showed improvement and my brain fog completely gone. Lindy is honest, extremely knowledgeable and truly cares for your well being. I no longer struggle with food and my choices. I’m no longer hungry between meals or searching the cabinets for that hidden “emergency” Hershey bar. I’m forever grateful for Lindy.”

- Vicky M.

“Lindy has been a game changer for me–a true Godsend.

Instead of trying to treat symptoms or just telling me what to eat or not eat, Lindy delved into the root of my weight issues. She helped me identify my metabolism type and ways to heal my gut after years of abuse on it. I’m incredibly thankful that Lindy helped me adopt a new, healthier way of living. She’s amazing, supportive, and encouraging. I’m forever grateful!”

- Lisa D.

“Lindy has helped me to understand the dynamics of my body and how important nutrition is to my overall health. I was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure and needed to lose weight. She was helpful reviewing my labs, discussing my food choices, adding in natural supplements and making small changes that have long term impact. Not only have I lost weight but I’ve also been able to get off all prescription drugs and generally feel so much better. My labs are improving each time I see my doctor, which is proof that her advice works. I would recommend Lindy to anyone that is ready to make lifestyle and nutrition changes that will last.”

- Tonya, Age 48

“All my adult life has been a rollercoaster with my weight. I have tried about every diet plan known to man. I lost weight on these programs, but eventually would gain it back, plus some. My cardiologist suggested that I see Lindy.

I started this journey overweight, pre-diabetic, high cholesterol and terrible gut health. Lindy set me up on a life changing eating plan and provided me with natural supplements to assist me in gaining better overall health.

My weight has dropped 32 lbs. and my energy level is where it was many years ago. I was able to reduce or stop taking several medications by this eating plan and natural protocol. Lindy’s plan is one I can stick to for the rest of my life.”

- Marty, Age 58

“In 2001 I started having heart problems. Over the next 10 years that would include 5 stents and multiple trips to the cath lab. I was put on numerous prescription drugs. In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and 4 rounds of chemotherapy- which caused more heart problems. I underwent 2 heart ablations after finishing the chemo.

More prescription drugs were added, but nothing made me feel better. I spent the next several years trying to get back some of my energy and motivation. I also struggled with depression I hadn’t had previously. The prescription drugs were part of the problem. Most days I felt dizzy, nauseated and useless, the same way I felt during chemo. I had also been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

I finally decided I needed help from someone who “thought outside the box” and I was blessed to get in touch with Lindy. Through nutritional intervention, in 3 months I was off 4 of my prescription drugs including 2 heart medications. I lost over 20 pounds and I’m walking 3-4 miles a day. I reduced my A1C and am not taking any meds for diabetes. I now have energy and motivation and my depression is most definitely gone. My family has noticed a huge difference in my outlook on life and my daughter told her dad she didn’t remember the last time I looked so content and healthy.

I don’t want to sound like a commercial but I can’t thank Lindy enough for helping me get to a much healthier place. The research she did and knowledge she shared restored my health.”

- Maggie, Age 59

“In the past year, I saw my weight gradually go up and it seemed as if I put on pounds just looking at food. I was not overweight but I did not feel comfortable in my clothes.

I joined a gym but after many months, did not see any difference in my body shape or weight.

Lindy analyzed my labs, hormone health profile, health history and gave me a personalized plan. My first thought was that I could do this – it will not be that hard.

It was hard, but Lindy’s enthusiasm rubbed off on me. I learned to be more creative in planning my meals and eating at restaurants with friends. My labs improved and I lost weight. It was refreshing to work with Lindy. She has a wealth of information and a passion to help others.”

- Kay, Age 58

“I have suffered from anxiety for nearly 20 years. My battle with this has taken me to several therapists and doctors as well as a variety of anti-depressants, all of which had side effects and terrible withdrawal symptoms. After giving birth to my sons, my condition worsened and I once again began the cycle of therapy and anti-depressants, until I found Lindy. I always suspected that my condition was related to a reproductive hormonal imbalance, but my doctors quickly debunked the notion. However, following blood work Lindy was able to confirm my suspicions and prescribe a regime of supplements as well as recommend a holistic doctor who could look further into the issues. Six months later I am feeling better than I have in years and I am not taking a SSRI. I greatly appreciate all that Lindy has done for me.”

- Amy, Age 34

“I consider Lindy to be one of the most informed and progressive nutritionists in the area. I appreciate the amount of time she takes with my patients with regards to helping them develop a comprehensive and sustainable wellness plan. She is very interested in a functional approach to health and disease which always looks at the root causes of illness in order to help people reduce their medication when possible. This is, in my opinion, the future of medicine.”

- Dr. R. Thomas Mathew, MD, Psychiatrist

“For years I had been told I had pre-diabetes and would “eventually become a diabetic”. I am at an ideal body weight, exercise vigorously 10-11 hours per week. There is no family history of diabetes. I attempted to follow ADA guidelines (although not completely compliant) and my A1c worsened over time. At my last visit to my primary care I was encouraged to start Metformin. Thankfully my PCP was amenable to me seeing a nutritionist first. I found Lindy and what a blessing. For the first time I understood insulin resistance. My denial is gone. Her guidelines were clear and firm–an approach that resonated with me. For the first time I am clear on the path I must take and optimistic about a positive outcome. I consider this a true turning point for my overall health and I will be forever grateful for Lindy’s expertise, patience, humor and kindness. I recommend her without hesitation.”

- Jane, Age 60

“I was struggling with arthritis, pre-diabetes and IBS. If you’re searching for the right nutrition for YOUR body then Lindy is the one for you. She looks at your blood work, your medical history, and hormone health and formulates a plan designed especially for you.

I’ve been on every diet known to man trying to find something that works for me. None of them lasted. Lindy has helped me find a way of eating for health. For the first time ever, I feel confident I can eat this way forever.”

- Dorrie, Age 58

“I found Lindy Ford as a last effort to try to help my husband get back into good health. My husband was not entirely open to the idea but he was willing to try this for me so we made an appointment.

You see, my husband has gone through more pain in the last three years than I have seen anyone go through. He was injured in the line of duty (which forced him into early retirement from the Detective career he loved) and has had chronic pain ever since.  Sometimes episodes can be so intense that he is bedridden for several days. We have talked to doctors, nurses, surgeons, massage therapists and chiropractors to try to understand anything we can do to overcome the issue.

All of the pharmaceutical bandaids for his symptoms actually took him into a downward spiral of worse health and weight gain. Some recent alarming results that put in him the category of pre-diabetic and high risk for stroke were the final straw.

Really within 2-3 weeks of going to Lindy, my husband was already starting to see good changes and I have benefited from our new habits as well. He has even lost weight and is fitting into pants sizes he hasn’t been able to wear in 5-6 years and we are not dieting.

I’m certainly glad that my husband and I are on this mission together. Lindy Ford has given us a new perspective on eating and about good supplements for optimal health. Although my husband still has chronic pain — we were not expecting Lindy to be able to help us with that aspect of it — but his pain has actually become more manageable because his body is in such better health and only after just over months time. He has so much more energy now too.

Lindy is a no-nonsense, down to earth, functional Licensed Nutritionist who knows her field and works well with doctors to guide her patients into optimal health. She is knowledgable and truly cares about helping others. I strongly recommend going to see Lindy. She’ll guide you to which lab results to have you doctor run for her and then she will build a plan to suit your specific needs.”

- Wife of Brian, Age 43

“Lindy is a very knowledgeable nutritionist. She is passionate about her work and wants to make sure her clients achieve optimal health. She has guided me with some very good information related to my thyroid disease.”

- Mary Kathryn, Wilmington, NC

“Lindy has changed my life for the better. After years of struggling with diets and staying confused about how to eat, she has proved to me that the low-fat typical food plans just don’t work. Fats weren’t my enemy, but other things were. She set me up on a supplement plan that has increased my energy level and keeps my blood sugar constant and so I can combat cravings. I highly recommend Lindy!”

- Marta J., Wilmington, NC

“I live with a progressive neuro-muscular condition called myasthenia gravis. Because of Lindy Ford, I have a new relationship with food. My blood glucose is stabilized, I no longer crave carbohydrates, and am succeeding at steady weight loss. Through consultation with Lindy, I made dietary changes, added nutritional supplements and I am now able to lose weight with ease for the first time. I have also increased my physical energy, enjoy less depression, and possess improved focus and stamina. I would recommend Lindy to anyone who wants to realize their optimum wellness and become the best they can be!”

- Adele, Age 58

“I started my wellness journey 3 months ago. At that time, I was so tired I couldn’t get through the day. My blood work showed imbalances with my blood sugar, thyroid and hormones. I was lost. Where would I start?

I contacted Lindy and sent her a copy of my blood work. We met and she knew exactly how to approach my healing. She set me on a wellness journey and was so supportive all the way. Lindy is very passionate about health and it shows in her approach to healing. I am on my way to feeling the best I have felt in a very long time… maybe the best I have felt in my life.”

- Donna, Age 51

“I am a registered nurse and Lindy has worked closely with my mom who has was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. I appreciate how Lindy offers so much more than nutritional support, she truly looks at the whole person. Not only is she a ray of sunshine when she walks in the room, she brings such an extensive knowledge base with her.

She didn’t just give her the standard recommendations but really looked at my mom’s individual needs. Lindy is an expert on nutritional supplements and is able to help prioritize what is important. Through her recommended plan, my mom has been able to tolerate an aggressive chemotherapy with minimal symptoms. While she isn’t symptom free, she is able to tolerate the treatment in a way that is even surprising her oncology team. I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable and compassionate Lindy is!”

- Sabita, Daughter of Cancer Patient

“Since 2000, my health was spiraling downward and no one could figure out what was wrong. I spent years going to doctors and trying various therapies. Lindy started to probe, had me get some blood work and figured out that I was one step away from pre-diabetes. This started me on a journey to better health. We managed to stop the progression and my blood sugars and other markers are starting to normalize. I’m not completely out of the woods, but for the first time in a long time, I feel positive. It won’t be long before I get my life back. Thanks to Lindy’s work, guidance and my change of eating habits, I am on my way!”

- Connie, Age 47

“I was referred to Lindy by a dear friend whom I will forever be grateful. I sought Lindy’s help for two reasons… I have suffered with eczema for almost 20 years and I have major mood swings that play havoc in all my relationships.

Lindy took very thorough notes and assessments of all my eating habits. She challenged me to be more intentional and discerning. She suspected food intolerances. She also helped me to find some natural supplements that have helped me to not only balance my mood but make me feel energized.

One thing that really impressed me about Lindy is how devoted she is to her patients. She made herself accessible for my multitude of question which greatly contributed to my success. I am so blessed to have found her”

- Gen, Age 32

“Lindy has been a great resource to my 10 year old daughter who struggles with her weight. Lindy requested blood work which revealed blood sugar and lipid problems. Not only were we given the correct tools for choosing healthier foods, but Lindy also cheered us on as we struggled with challenging changes for a young child who enjoys food. I am happy to report that my daughter has lost 8 pounds so far (in one month of seeing Lindy).”

- Ten year old patient’s mother

“Before seeing Lindy, I struggled with diabetes, high blood pressure and lipids and overweight. I honestly thought I was doomed to be heavy for the rest of my days because I was eating according to the ADA dietary standard recommendations, but still never losing weight. I was skeptical about the Pancreas Stabilization Program at first. However, amazingly, I was successful.

I’ve progressed to the second phase and in roughly eight months, I lost 60 lbs. I discontinued my diabetic medication and my doctor reduced my blood pressure medication twice. This was the only program that ever worked long-term for me.”

- Jim, Age 42

“I have been working with Lindy for 3 months. I lost about 20 pounds and my energy level is better. Lindy works closely with my primary care physician in regards to my thyroid problem. I feel better, sleep better and my moods are stabilized.”

- Debbie, Age 58

“When I brought my blood tests to Lindy I found out that I was pre-diabetic, had low iron and vitamin D levels, my cholesterol was high among other health issues. Two months later my cholesterol is down from 210 to 182, my vitamin D level was 14.8, it is now 81! I was pre-diabetic on my way to type II diabetes and heart disease. Instead I have not only stopped the progression but turned it around and have more energy and am on my way to optimum health.

I had literally tried every diet, shake, etc. that was out there and I lost the weight but always put it back on. We have all been on that vicious roller coaster of desiring to be healthier and needing to lose weight and then eventually gaining the weight back and then some. I can’t count the pounds I have lost over the past 40 years! To date, I have taken 23 pounds off in two months!

Lindy will give you a complete meal plan to follow and lots of love and encouragement along the way. Start living the abundant life God intended you to live.”

- Donna, Age 53

“I am 25 years old. In the 7 years since high school, I gained 50 lbs. Throughout those years, I tried Weight Watchers a few different times. I tried counting calories, and there were even times when I visited the gym regularly. I would lose a few pounds here and there but then gain it all back, plus some. Within the first 10 minutes of my initial appointment, Lindy pretty much pinpointed why I was having such a hard time. Her hunch was backed up by blood work and now 8 weeks later, I have more energy, confidence, and have lost 18 pounds! I am sure I will continue to lose the weight and am on my way towards a healthy life for myself, my husband, and my future children! What an amazing feeling!! Thank you, Lindy!!! … She really cares too!”

- Brynn, Age 25

“Lindy’s program was extremely helpful in improving my all around health and also helped me lose the excess weight I carried. My blood sugar levels dropped and my energy improved dramatically. Lindy is thorough in her instructions and gave excellent suggestions for products. She can help anyone be successful.”

- Mike, Age 82

“For the past two years, I’ve been dealing with stomach pain and unrelenting fatigue. I’ve seen specialists in two different fields with minimal results. After a friend mentioned Lindy Ford’s name to me, I sought out her help. She started with a thorough assessment that provided clues about what might be happening. Following her dietary recommendations, my GI symptoms showed a marked improvement within a week. She was also able to recommend several supplements that would help with my condition. It was such a relief to have a knowlegable professional to narrow down which of the thousands of supplements applied to my situation, and trustworthy brands to purchase!

In addition, Lindy approached all of our conversations with such kindness and understanding that it was a pleasure to work with her and a blessing to be taken seriously. I expect that it will be a long road of healing, but I’m grateful to be pointed in a promising direction.”

- Rachel, Age 32

“If I were to describe my experience with Lindy, it would be, “I blinked my eyes and I was nine pounds lighter.” Lindy has so much understanding about nutrition and the human body but still includes the spiritual side in her work. Working with Lindy can propel you to optimal health.”

- Nancy, Age 50

“Lindy has changed my whole outlook on nutrition and wellness. She has always been extremely supportive whenever I need her. She helped with my thyroid, pre diabetes and weight issues. With her help I feel like a new person. I’ve never been so energized and ready to live until I met her. She will guide you through every step and support you the whole way. You will not regret her help! Do yourself a favor and let her help you through a new wonderful journey!”

- Lea, Age 22

“We were referred to Lindy by our physician. My lab numbers were not good relating to diabetes and elevated cholesterol. The physician was concerned. We met with Lindy and she devised a specific, easy to follow, plan. I need to be told what to eat and what not to eat. She did that and also explained why– which was very important. I learned more about nutrition at that first meeting than I had understood my whole life. I began to lose weight immediately and my blood sugar numbers were coming to normal levels quickly. Lindy’s ideas for recipes and the open continuing dialogue between she, my wife and me was most helpful. The lab results following the first phase of her program were amazing! To date I lost about 51 lbs. and I’m feeling better. I began the program to treat my condition and bad lab values, but the weight loss was a terrific plus! I eat differently now and I don’t think that will change.”

- Steve, Age 59

“Lindy helped me to break the hold that carbs and sugar held on my life. She performed a thorough evaluation of my situation and then customized a new lifestyle plan for me to follow. She was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had, and her expertise and encouraging spirit were instrumental in my success! I am so very glad that our paths crossed.”

- Susan, Age 45

“When I first was referred to Lindy Ford by my MD, I expected to get a diet regimen to assist in losing weight. What I received was far more than that. I received counseling on eating habits, where to buy healthful food products, the necessity of reading the labels on food.

The plan worked for me- I lost 24 pounds in less than three months and feel much better. I have more energy and sleep better. The healthful supplements have benefited my digestion. My cholesterol, triglycerides and other values all improved significantly. I continue to stay pretty close to the plan (it has been liberalized) and have become comfortable with it. I think it was a great life- changing experience for me.”

- John, Age 60

“I have suffered from anxiety for nearly 20 years. My battle with this has taken me to several therapists and doctors as well as a variety of anti-depressants, all of which had side effects and terrible withdrawal symptoms. After giving birth to my sons, my condition worsened and I once again began the cycle of therapy and anti-depressants, until I found Lindy.

I always suspected that my condition was related to a reproductive hormonal imbalance. However, following blood work Lindy was able to confirm my suspicions and prescribe a regime of supplements as well as recommend a doctor who could look further into the issues. Six months later I am feeling better than I have in years and I am not taking a SSRI. I greatly appreciate all that Lindy has done for me.”

- Amy, Age 33

“I have been a psychotherapist for 25 years. In caring for my clients, it became imperative that their overall health was addressed. One of the most helpful lessons I learned in grad school was “rule out the biological before you assume it is psychological.” Unfortunately, I rarely see our mental health and medical community being so thorough. Many of my clients clearly suffer from biological issues that are exacerbating their psychological symptoms.

I have been fortunate enough to have Lindy as a valuable part of my client’s treatment team. Lindy is very thorough and knowledgeable. She asks all clients to fill out preliminary food records along with recommended blood work. She not only conducts a comprehensive clinical assessment but also compiles a solid treatment plan which includes supplements. She was able to diagnose more than once, thyroid problems that doctors had previously not detected or minimized the impact on my client’s health. She is extremely efficient in her follow through via emails or phone calls in reviewing client’s food plans. Lindy is unique in ensuring that she determines the cause of client’s presenting problems instead of treating the symptoms.”

- Shana, Licensed Psychologist, Baltimore, MD

“I learned about Lindy’s expertise from one of my challenging patients. I am impressed with Lindy’s knowledge regarding food and metabolism, and her ability to motivate my most challenging patients to lose weight and feel better at the same time. One of my patients who was struggling with diet has now lost 40 lbs, and just asked me to come off her medication for depression. I now will refer a patient to Lindy before I consider referral for bariatric surgery. I am extremely satisfied with the service Lindy brings to her consultations.”

- Linda P. Calhoun, MD, FACC, Cardiologist with Cape Fear Heart Associates