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Superstar D!

And the winner of the Nutritional Nutrient Academy Award this year is...drumroll...Vitamin D. Yet nearly 80% of my patients are living with suboptimal or deficient levels of vitamin D. This same crisis is plaguing the entire country.

For many years D has played a supporting role to Calcium’s leading actor status in the body. This is because D helps our body absorb calcium. But due to recent medical research, D’s performance has skyrocketed to the A-List. It really deserves an Academy Award winning status for so many reasons. Let’s look at why.

Why is Vitamin D so important?

“There is a vitamin D receptor on every one of our cells,” says Michael F. Holick, PhD, MD, author of The Vitamin D Solution. “And those receptors are there for a reason. Actually many reasons—all of our bodily functions seem to rely on the nutrient, and studies show that it’s key to helping prevent everything from migraines to cancer.”

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10 Superfoods for Weight Loss

It’s that time of year—bathing suit season! Not one of us (if we’re honest) is immune to “bathing suit anxiety.” You know. The feeling you get when you try your bathing suit on for the first time all year.

I want to make that first reveal a little less stressful. There is a plethora of books and articles telling us what not to eat to lose weight. Like you read in my last month’s newsletter, I’m all about adding the good stuff before subtracting (not that we shouldn’t subtract, but first things first).

These superfoods are nutritional powerhouses that will help you build bones, supercharge your immune system and get you bathing suit ready.

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Patient Testimony

"I was referred to Lindy by a dear friend whom I will forever be grateful. I sought Lindy's help for two reasons... I have suffered with eczema for almost 20 years with minimal relief from the medical field and I have major mood swings that play havoc in all my relationships.

When I came to Lindy I had exhausted all other resources and was getting nowhere. My doctor just kept pushing medication, all of which was either ineffective or had bad side effects. Lindy was very knowledgeable and professional. She took very thorough notes and assessments of all my eating habits. She challenged me to be more intentional and discerning. She suspected food intolerances. She also helped me to find some natural supplements that have helped me to not only balance my mood but make me feel energized and motivated again.

One thing that really impressed me about Lindy is how devoted she is to her patients. She makes herself accessible for my multitude of questions, whether email or text....Lindy responded promptly. I truly believe this was key to my success because it help me stay focused and I knew she was there for me. Lindy is not only my nutritionist but she has become a life long friend. I am so blessed to have found her :-) "

Genevieve, age 32

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Superstar D!

10 Superfoods for Weight Loss

You Pay the Farmer Now or the Doctors Later

The Fords are Haiti Bound!

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You Pay the Farmer Now or the Doctors Later

Benefits of a High-fiber Diet

  • Lowers your risk of digestive conditions such as hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticular disease.
  • Controls blood sugar levels and may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Aids in weight loss. Studies show people who consume more whole grains and fiber-rich food consistently weigh less than those who do not.
  • Lowers blood cholesterol levels.
  • Prevents constipation.

The Fords are
Haiti Bound!

Bryan, Lindy, our friend and Physician’s Assistant, Jen Barnett, and our son, Jarrett are on our way to Haiti in June! We are beyond excited to finish an orphanage for an 82 year old retired school teacher who parents 26 orphans in two rooms. We will also be doing nutritional and medical interventions for a school and another orphanage. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. If you would like a detailed letter about our trip, please contact us.

About Lindy

Lindy Ford's passion is helping people achieve greater freedom through wellness and nutrition.

  • Lindy holds a degree in Nutritional Science and Dietetics from the University of Maryland, College Park.
  • She also holds a degree in communications from Towson University.
  • Lindy is a Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist.
  • Lindy's experience includes developing and implementing a successful employee nutrition wellness program for the local Health Department where she conducted individualized counseling and education.
  • She has conducted nutrition wellness seminars and classes for a community nurses' organization, local law enforcement, health fairs, senior centers, community and church groups and professional business organizations.

Lindy loves her job. She runs a private nutrition practice where she practices "functional nutrition." Functional medicine supports a person from the standpoint of what constitutes health and not disease. It seeks to get to the root of the problem instead of just treating symptoms. This approach takes longer, but the results are better and long-lasting.

Lindy is a working mom with a family that includes a four year old and she is always striving to achieve balance. She understands and appreciates the challenges that busy moms face.