Wife of Brian, Age 43

“I found Lindy Ford as a last effort to try to help my husband get back into good health. My husband was not entirely open to the idea but he was willing to try this for me so we made an appointment.

You see, my husband has gone through more pain in the last three years than I have seen anyone go through. He was injured in the line of duty (which forced him into early retirement from the Detective career he loved) and has had chronic pain ever since.  Sometimes episodes can be so intense that he is bedridden for several days. We have talked to doctors, nurses, surgeons, massage therapists and chiropractors to try to understand anything we can do to overcome the issue.

All of the pharmaceutical bandaids for his symptoms actually took him into a downward spiral of worse health and weight gain. Some recent alarming results that put in him the category of pre-diabetic and high risk for stroke were the final straw.

Really within 2-3 weeks of going to Lindy, my husband was already starting to see good changes and I have benefited from our new habits as well. He has even lost weight and is fitting into pants sizes he hasn’t been able to wear in 5-6 years and we are not dieting.

I’m certainly glad that my husband and I are on this mission together. Lindy Ford has given us a new perspective on eating and about good supplements for optimal health. Although my husband still has chronic pain — we were not expecting Lindy to be able to help us with that aspect of it — but his pain has actually become more manageable because his body is in such better health and only after just over months time. He has so much more energy now too.

Lindy is a no-nonsense, down to earth, functional Licensed Nutritionist who knows her field and works well with doctors to guide her patients into optimal health. She is knowledgable and truly cares about helping others. I strongly recommend going to see Lindy. She’ll guide you to which lab results to have you doctor run for her and then she will build a plan to suit your specific needs.”


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