Vicky M.

“My energy is amazing and I no longer crave sugar. The biggest tool in my success was working with Lindy. I couldn’t have done this well with picking up a book or listening to the poor advice my family doctor offered me: “Your A1-C is high and you are pre-diabetic. Eat more veggies and lean meat,” is what I heard. When I went to my doctor about my weight gain, I was offered appetite suppressants (which made me ill). It was just a quick fix and absolutely nothing was said about nutrition.

Lindy asked for a lot of bloodwork which revealed inflammation, hashimotos thyroiditis, high A1C (a diabetes marker) and low Vitamin D. I needed help with my immune system. I caught every bug that passed and was sick of being sick. I was tired all the time no matter how much sleep I got, was on an anti-depressant and had brain fog that was enough for me to think I was coming down with dementia. I’m 51 and honestly thought this was just apart of turning over into the next century.

Lindy evaluated my blood work, redirected my eating, suggested supplements and asked me to trust her. When I started to see results, I knew I was on the right track. I tried everything before with no results. I feel amazing– honestly better than I did at 40. I’m losing weight weekly, my last blood work showed improvement and my brain fog completely gone. Lindy is honest, extremely knowledgeable and truly cares for your well being. I no longer struggle with food and my choices. I’m no longer hungry between meals or searching the cabinets for that hidden “emergency” Hershey bar. I’m forever grateful for Lindy.”


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