Rachel, Age 32

“For the past two years, I’ve been dealing with stomach pain and unrelenting fatigue. I’ve seen specialists in two different fields with minimal results. After a friend mentioned Lindy Ford’s name to me, I sought out her help. She started with a thorough assessment that provided clues about what might be happening. Following her dietary recommendations, my GI symptoms showed a marked improvement within a week. She was also able to recommend several supplements that would help with my condition. It was such a relief to have a knowlegable professional to narrow down which of the thousands of supplements applied to my situation, and trustworthy brands to purchase!

In addition, Lindy approached all of our conversations with such kindness and understanding that it was a pleasure to work with her and a blessing to be taken seriously. I expect that it will be a long road of healing, but I’m grateful to be pointed in a promising direction.”


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