Jane, Age 60

“For years I had been told I had pre-diabetes and would “eventually become a diabetic”. I am at an ideal body weight, exercise vigorously 10-11 hours per week. There is no family history of diabetes. I attempted to follow ADA guidelines (although not completely compliant) and my A1c worsened over time. At my last visit to my primary care I was encouraged to start Metformin. Thankfully my PCP was amenable to me seeing a nutritionist first. I found Lindy and what a blessing. For the first time I understood insulin resistance. My denial is gone. Her guidelines were clear and firm–an approach that resonated with me. For the first time I am clear on the path I must take and optimistic about a positive outcome. I consider this a true turning point for my overall health and I will be forever grateful for Lindy’s expertise, patience, humor and kindness. I recommend her without hesitation.”


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