Donna, Age 53

“When I brought my blood tests to Lindy I found out that I was pre-diabetic, had low iron and vitamin D levels, my cholesterol was high among other health issues. Two months later my cholesterol is down from 210 to 182, my vitamin D level was 14.8, it is now 81! I was pre-diabetic on my way to type II diabetes and heart disease. Instead I have not only stopped the progression but turned it around and have more energy and am on my way to optimum health.

I had literally tried every diet, shake, etc. that was out there and I lost the weight but always put it back on. We have all been on that vicious roller coaster of desiring to be healthier and needing to lose weight and then eventually gaining the weight back and then some. I can’t count the pounds I have lost over the past 40 years! To date, I have taken 23 pounds off in two months!

Lindy will give you a complete meal plan to follow and lots of love and encouragement along the way. Start living the abundant life God intended you to live.”


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