Mary Kathryn, Wilmington, NC

“Lindy is a very knowledgeable nutritionist. She is passionate about her work and wants to make sure her clients achieve optimal health. She has guided me with some very good information related to my thyroid disease.”

Marta J., Wilmington, NC

“Lindy has changed my life for the better. After years of struggling with diets and staying confused about how to eat, she has proved to me that the low-fat typical food plans just don’t work. Fats weren’t my enemy, but other things were. She set me up on a supplement plan that has increased my…


Adele, Age 58

“I live with a progressive neuro-muscular condition called myasthenia gravis. Because of Lindy Ford, I have a new relationship with food. My blood glucose is stabilized, I no longer crave carbohydrates, and am succeeding at steady weight loss. Through consultation with Lindy, I made dietary changes, added nutritional supplements and I am now able to…


Donna, Age 53

“When I brought my blood tests to Lindy I found out that I was pre-diabetic, had low iron and vitamin D levels, my cholesterol was high among other health issues. Two months later my cholesterol is down from 210 to 182, my vitamin D level was 14.8, it is now 81! I was pre-diabetic on…


Mike, Age 82

“Lindy’s program was extremely helpful in improving my all around health and also helped me lose the excess weight I carried. My blood sugar levels dropped and my energy improved dramatically. Lindy is thorough in her instructions and gave excellent suggestions for products. She can help anyone be successful.”

Nancy, Age 50

“If I were to describe my experience with Lindy, it would be, “I blinked my eyes and I was nine pounds lighter.” Lindy has so much understanding about nutrition and the human body but still includes the spiritual side in her work. Working with Lindy can propel you to optimal health.”

Susan, Age 45

“Lindy helped me to break the hold that carbs and sugar held on my life. She performed a thorough evaluation of my situation and then customized a new lifestyle plan for me to follow. She was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had, and her expertise and encouraging spirit were instrumental in…


John, Age 60

“When I first was referred to Lindy Ford by my MD, I expected to get a diet regimen to assist in losing weight. What I received was far more than that. I received counseling on eating habits, where to buy healthful food products, the necessity of reading the labels on food. The plan worked for…


Amy, Age 33

“I have suffered from anxiety for nearly 20 years. My battle with this has taken me to several therapists and doctors as well as a variety of anti-depressants, all of which had side effects and terrible withdrawal symptoms. After giving birth to my sons, my condition worsened and I once again began the cycle of…